Impulsive Desire Method Review – Does Alex Carter’s Method Work?


impulsive desire method ebookFor men who are looking to attract a woman by getting into her mind and influencing her thoughts, there is a new program by Alex carter called the Impulsive Desire Method.

Alex Carter says that the techniques he teaches in his Impulsive Desire Method program will create an impulsive desire in the mind of the woman you want to date. It seems the intensity of her desire for you will be such that she will always want to be with you.

It seems these techniques are new to the men’s dating world and would be quite different from the normal dating advice you would have heard from other experts earlier.

Further Alex Carter explains that these techniques will work for young men who are just trying to date someone as well as experienced and aged men who are looking for some unique techniques to get a woman. Age, looks and the money you have do not matter at all, the techniques work for all scenarios.

Since Alex Carter has come out with some good products for women in the past, we decided to do a review of the Impulsive Desire Method PDF guide.

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What’s Unique About The Impulsive Desire Method?

According to Alex Carter this program teaches you a unique method to flood a girl’s brain with “pleasure hormones” which in turn puts her in a state of elevated pleasure.

Once a girl is in the impulsive state she would beg you to tell her your desires and needs so that she will be able to meet those effectively.

As per Alex the key is to keep her in the impulsive state for long so that she will be addicted to you forever. It seems you will learn the techniques to keep the impulsive state permanent so that she is always with you to fulfill your desire.

The techniques inside the Impulsive Desire Method guide when implemented correctly will make her do ridiculous things to win your heart.

Alex’s guide provides you a 3 step process for generating the intense desire in her mind. Following are the 3 steps:

Step 1 – Trigger An Emotional Rush In Her Mind By Spiking Her Emotions

In this step you will be making use of emotional words while speaking to her so that there is intense feeling of attraction for you.

Step 2 – Tweak It Up To A Point Where It Becomes Unbearable

In this step you will give her positive and negative emotions quickly. This will result in her getting into the impulsive state with very intense feelings.

Step 3 – Position Yourself As The Only Source Which Triggers This Emotional Rush

In this step your emotions will make her crazy for you and she will only see you as the source of this emotional rush.

What Are Some Of The Important Techniques In This Program?

  • You will learn one simple and stupid technique that will make a hot and sexy girl to look at an average man as a super-hot guy.
  • You will learn unique way to talking to girls that will get her sexually excited and she will want to get physical with you. This is called the art of provoking “addictive emotional compulsion”.
  • You will discover a way to find out what women really want. Once you know this, you will be able to fool a girls mind into thinking that she is already attracted to you.
  • The “desire seed method” will teach you to turn a girl into crazy raving lunatic who will have a very high intensity of attraction for you.
  • You will learn a sneaky way to read her mind even when she has not spoken a word. This can help you to force her to get physical with you.
  • You will learn the trick of “perception reversal”. Once you use this trick her perception about you will change even if she saw some flaws in you in the past. She will find you to be the hottest man in the world and would be ready to do anything for you.
  • You will find out about the secret of “unconscious bonding” so that you will be in a position to trigger instant chemistry with any girl just by talking to her once.
  • You will discover the “moving target technique” that can be used after exchange of telephone numbers so that you generate an intense desire in her mind to call you up urgently.
  • You will learn about the principle of “Peak Pleasure” which will make her feel so good with you that she would just want to be with you and no other man
  • You will discover about the “emotional intensifier technique” that can be used to generate a very intense level of emotions in her mind leading to intense attraction.

What’s Included In The Impulsive Desire Method Package?

The main product is the 155 page eBook in PDF format. You will also get the audio version of the eBook so that you can listen to it while you are on the move.

Along with the main product Alex Carter has thrown in 3 bonus reports for you. Following are the bonus products:

  • Confidence Exploder
  • Plant Suggestions
  • Secret Script

Pros of Impulsive Desire Method Program

  • This program provided step by step instructions for generating intensive desire in the mind of a girl. Any man can read and implement the techniques given inside the eBook.
  • The techniques give in this program work for men of all age and it doesn’t matter if you look attractive or not, it doesn’t matter if you are overweight, it doesn’t matter if you are bald and it does matter if you have pimples all over your face.
  • The best thing about this program is that it teaches you new and unique techniques that are proven to work. It’s not the same old pick up advice you hear from others.
  • Alex carter is offering no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. Therefore you can try the product risk free.


  • Reading 155 pages of dating advice content can be a lot for many people. It would have been much better if Alex had offered videos also.
  • Some of the techniques taught in this course are so powerful that it can be misused by a man to spoil a woman’s life. Therefore one needs to use this product cautiously.

Impulsive desire Method Review Conclusions

After going through this product and reading some testimonials about this product it appears that Alex is offering some powerful techniques to attract women.

Not everyone will get the same results because there will be differences in the way everyone uses and implements the techniques.

Those men who are able to effectively use the techniques given in the Impulsive Desire Method eBook do have a chance of attracting a hot woman of their choice.

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