Reverse My Tinnitus Review – Truth About Alan Watson’s Program


reverse my tinnitus programTinnitus is really a health problem that causes a ringing noise in the ear. This sound or noise is generally referred to as clicking, whistling, buzzing or ringing in the ears. The primary characteristic of this sound is that it’s not caused due to any external sound source. Usually this sound can be heard only by the individual who is experiencing tinnitus.

According to medical experts, there are various causes for the problem of tinnitus such as – damaged nerve protection, blood circulation problem, ear bone damage etc. You can find a large number of people experiencing tinnitus. And this medical state may become so difficult that the majority of those individuals suffering from the problem struggle to lead normal life. The good thing is that there are several solutions for this problem.

In this modern day there are lots of products that claim about curing of tinnitus. However the simple truth is that only handful of them are effective. Among the products that have created a lot of buzz is Reverse My Tinnitus program by Alan Watson & Dr. Phillip’s.

According to Alan Watson, Reverse My Tinnitus program has already helped more than 105,000 people to get complete relief from the problem of tinnitus.

These claims, if true, can help millions of people. And this is the real reason we decided to find out the facts and present the same in this review.

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What is Reverse My Tinnitus Program?

This is in fact an E-book compiled by Alan Watson. Alan Watson struggled with ringing in the years for several years and he finally developed a solution for this annoying health problem. This solution is a holistic method described in his book.

Alan Watson with the help of Dr. Phillip’s found out that ringing in the ears is actually caused by damaged myelin protection that protects the auditory nerve that carries the sounds.

The solution provided in the eBook is in the form of foods that have certain enzymes, proteins, amino acids and some organic chemicals that help to repair the damaged myelin protection. Alan Watson calls this process as ‘remyelination’ process.

Probably the most sensible thing about Reverse My Tinnitus eBook is that it has been developed by a former tinnitus sufferer. Alan Watson couldn’t reconcile himself to the thought of just living with the problem. Actually he was advised by many so-called experts that tinnitus is really a condition that couldn’t be cured.

In this journey to identify a permanent cure for tinnitus, Alan Watson tried literally every known method – from surgery, pills, supplements, devices to various diets and also audio therapies. When he realized these methods don’t work or just work for an extremely short time, he made a decision to research on this subject and dig out the solution.

Besides trying all known options for curing tinnitus, he also read plenty of articles and books linked to tinnitus, interviewed those who are experienced with tinnitus and analyzed various tinnitus researches to be able to develop a complete guide to tinnitus treatment.

Reverse my tinnitus comes in the form of an e-book with 93 pages and six sections where Alan explains details of treatments which have shown to be working perfectly.

In this e-book he discusses everything he’s learned about tinnitus during his research. He explains the signs, symptoms and most importantly the reason for the problem of tinnitus. He also shares some natural treatments that help ease the outward symptoms.


  • This is a simple and straightforward guide that gives you the list of foods that you should include in your diet to repair the myelin protection.
  • The eBook gives you a list of items to avoid during the treatment period. Items like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, fast foods etc. are in the list.
  • You get a detailed 7 day diet plan that has information for breakfast, lunch, dinner, workouts, yoga therapy and others.
  • The treatment plan in this eBook is safe and 100 natural and therefore you can be sure that you will not suffer from any side effects.
  • When compared with cost of surgical treatment, the method given in this eBook is inexpensive. You will only be spending 15-20 dollars for purchasing food items from a grocery shop.
  • To overcome some common health problems that one may experience along with tinnitus like insomnia and anxiety, there two bonus reports that are provided as part of this package. These reports should help you in resolving these health problems naturally.
  • Since Alan Watson is providing a 60 day money back guarantee, you can actually try the product without any risk.


  • This eBook assumes that the only cause of tinnitus is the damage to myelin protection. And the proposed solution helps in correcting the damage and thus the problem.
  • However people suffering from tinnitus due to some other cause may not get cured by following the protocol in this eBook.
  • It is often said that natural remedies will take a bit of extra time to correct the problem. Therefore you will have to be patient for things to work out.
  • The solution proposed in this eBook requires quite a few lifestyle changes and this may not be something that everyone will be able to follow.

Reverse My Tinnitus Conclusions

Testimonials from many users and our own due diligence exercise indicated that Alan Watson has indeed complied a useful information eBook on tinnitus.

However let’s be clear that just purchasing the eBook and reading will not make tinnitus vanish. There is a lot of effort required to get resolution for the problem. And not everyone may get 100% results.

People who are serious and dedicated in implementing the protocol given in the eBook can expect to see some positive results.

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