Shapeshifter Yoga Review – Does Shapeshifter Yoga Work?



Shapeshifter yoga is a scientifically designed yoga program by Kris Fondran and Adam Steer. It seems Kris Fondran did many experiments with yoga and found out the perfect yoga poses to lose belly fat, lose weight and lose the stress.

According to Kris, it is possible to increase energy levels, banish tension, get sound sleep, get rid of everyday pains & aches and many more health benefits by practicing yoga for just 20 minutes a day, thrice a week.

Up until now it was possible to get these scientific yoga techniques developed by Kris Fondran, only in the form of personal training by her.

However, now with the help of Adam, they have put together the shapeshifter yoga program that can be downloaded and viewed in the comfort of your home.

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What’s Unique About Shapeshifter Yoga Program?

Kris Fondran says that Not ALL yoga instruction is created equal and this program brings you instructions that deliver results!

According to Kris, this program can be followed by anyone irrespective of whether you are a seasoned athlete or a newbie fitness enthusiast.

This program offers yoga poses that can be performed with ease without any strain on your bones and joints.

You can lose weight and get in shape without crunches, cardio, or ever setting foot in a gym!

With this yoga program you can get the same impact as a vigorous cardio exercise. Plus you can easily reduce your Cortisol levels at the same time.

What Are Some Of The Key Benefits Of This Program?

  • Lose stubborn flab and belly fat
  • Stand taller and feel more confident
  • Drop unwanted pounds almost effortlessly
  • Feel more energized and upbeat
  • Firm and tone your butt, thighs, abs, and arms
  • Banish tension, stress, and anxiety
  • Fall asleep more quickly and sleep deeply through the night
  • Suffer less pain and discomfort
  • And look and feel sexier than you have in years
  • Improve flexibility in your joints and muscles

What Will You Find Inside Shapeshifter Yoga Program?

Following are the modules included in the program:

1) Shapeshifter Yoga Quick Start Manual

This is the in-depth manual where you will master your yoga skills and build your knowledge of each yoga pose. The manual also provides you details for getting maximum benefits for shaping your body and fat loss.

2) Shapeshifter Yoga Pose Video Library

After reading the quick start guide you can start practicing the 32 individual poses given in this video library.

3) Shapeshifter Yoga Program Video

The shapeshifter yoga program video links all 32 poses in your video library together into one “long form” routine.

4) Shapeshifter Yoga Everyday Flow Follow Along Video

This video provides all-around, head-to-toe workout in less than 10 minutes.

5) Shapeshifter Yoga Pose Manual

This manual provides you written instruction for performing each of the 32 pose. This will suit people who like to read instructions and follow along.

6) Shapeshifter Yoga “At A Glance” Wall Charts

Once you have perfected the poses then you can use “at a glance” wall charts to practice yoga without the videos and the manuals.

Along with the above modules following bonuses are also included.

  • Follow Along Audio Files
  • Breath Awareness Meditation Audio
  • Body Awareness “Absolute Stillness” Audio
  • Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation Audio

Shapeshifter Yoga Review Conclusions

If you’re looking to lose weight, feel energetic and look ten years younger by practicing yoga, then you should definitely try Kris Fondran’s yoga program.

After perfecting this scientific form of yoga you can get maintain fitness and great health in the comfort of your home without having to spend several hours at the gym every week.

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