The 60 Second Panic Solution Review – Does Anna Gibson-Steel’s Program Work?


60 second panic solution ebookIf you or anyone known to you is suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, depression, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder or any other mood disorder then it may be worthwhile to take a look at The 60 Second Panic Solution by Anna Gibson-Steel.

According to Anna, it is possible to stop panic attacks anytime and where ever it happens using the natural techniques given in The 60 Second Panic Solution guide. The techniques given in her eBook make use of the mind body connection to stop panic attacks as it happens.

Further she says that the best thing about this natural panic attacks treatment is that you don’t have to take anti-depressant drugs, supplements or any other medicine. You don’t have to do meditation or relaxation exercises and you don’t need any kind of counseling.

The claim to treat panic attacks in 60 seconds is a tall one and we know very well that this is a complex problem that thousands of people suffer from all over the globe. That’s why we decided to do a detailed investigation of this product and provide the facts on this website so that others can benefit.

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What’s Is Unique About The 60 Second Panic Solution?

  • According to Anna the most unique aspect of this program is the fact that it teaches you a technique to stop the panic attack before it just happens in just 60 seconds. And in 3 weeks time you won’t even have to use the 60 second trick because your panic and anxiety attacks would have gone forever.
  • It seems the techniques inside this program allow you to find out the hidden triggers inside your mind that cause panic attacks. You will make use of the mind-body connection to switch off the triggers that lead to panic and anxiety attacks.
  • This solution is effective for young kids who are just 5 years old and suffer from panic anxiety disorder and also for adults who suffer from anxiety attacks and panic disorder.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have been suffering from this problem for years or you have experienced your first panic attack recently, the solution works for all.

What Will You Learn From The 60 Second Panic Solution Program?

  • You will learn a way to master The 60 Second Panic Solution technique so that you will be in a position to implement it as and when you want it without having to remember anything.
  • You will learn the “Thought Patrol” method to eliminate panic and anxiety attacks in just three week’s time without drugs, pills, potions or any other medicines.
  • You will learn to detect the “early warning” sign for your panic attacks so that you will be able to stop it before it happens.
  • For problems like fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear of crowds or Ochlophobia etc. you will learn techniques to overcome the hidden limiting disbelief’s and anxieties that may be causing the fear.
  • You will learn about all the major symptoms of panic attacks, anxiety, depression, phobias etc so that you are fully educated about this complex problem.
  • And much more…

Pros Of This Solution

  • The 60 second panic solution eBook is written in simple to understand language without use of any jargon or technical terms. Anyone can read the instructions and implement the solution. You are provided steps to stop panic attacks in 60 seconds before it happens and also the 3 week plan so that you get permanent relief.
  • This proven solution has worked for adults as well as for 5 year old children. And the solution works for people who have been suffering from this problem for years and also for new sufferers.
  • You will come to know of a method to identify the hidden triggers in your mind that is causing panic attacks for you.
  • You get the main eBook in PDF format along with other support guides, videos and mp3 audios.


  • The program claims to provide permanent relief from panic attacks in 3 weeks and this may not be the case with everyone. Some people may take much longer.
  • There are specific methods to be mastered by you before you get relief in 60 seconds. Therefore there is some effort and time involved in implementing this solution.

The 60 Second Panic Solution Review

Based on our basic research and customer testimonials the 60 second trick seems to have attracted a lot of interest with sufferers.

Some users of this technique seem to have benefited by using it while there are some others who got limited success.

The best way to find out the effectiveness of The 60 Second Panic Solution is to try it out.

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